About Blooming Buds Play School

    Aims of the school

  • In striving for excellence in education we aim to provide high quality education characterized by:
    • The Provision of the Foundation Stage NCERT Curriculum enhanced to meet the needs of international and local student and offering an insight into the local culture.
    • High quality teaching provided by committed staff.
    • A board personal development of student that encourage independence, confidence, tolerance, good manners and respect.
    • Recognition of the school-parent partnership in the successful education of their children.
    • Recognition that every student is an individual and we will provide the environment to help realize their academic and other potential, preparing them for their chosen continued education.
    • A safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment benefiting form high quality facilitates.

    All student at L.F.H. are taught using the NCERT

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage Can be defined through 5 learning goals:
    • Personal, social and emotional development.
    • Communication, language and literacy.
    • Problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy.
    • Knowledge and understanding of world.
    • Physical development .

Mission Statement

  • "Little Flower House" seeks to prepare
    Its student for their role in an
    Increasing Challenging
    And rapidly changing world."

    The School offers a stimulating and supportive setting defined by its sound balance of academic excellence and opportunity for personal development. This achieved through Our highly proficient delivery of the NCERT Curriculum.
    We foster a learning environment in which respect for the individual as well as diverse culture.
    Background and belief system are of equal importance. In addition to this social awareness, we aim to engender in our students a broad understanding of global issue; ultimately, both will be vital in establishing a fairer and more peaceful world.

Our Philosophy of care and Education

  • We believe success in the early years has a positive impact on a child’s subsequent development and therefore we endeavor to provide a programmer and environment that nurtures each child potential and promotes their growing competence. This is achieved by developing program that respond to the interest and individual development level of the children through a play based approach where experience afford both challenge and success. Activities will allow each child to find a productive role and promote the children’s individual social, emotional, physics, cognitive, creative and language development.

    One of our key objective is to foster a child’s self-esteem and love of learning .this is possible when the learning environment is psychologically safe. We therefore place great emphasis on positive interaction between staff and children and strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your child. We look forward to make this year a special one for you and your child.


  • Where parent and early year settings work closely together, children do better. Parents are their children’s first enduring educators and understand their children better than everyone else.

What to expect

  • The overall aims for the children in our care in and around the age of three are based on the NCERT Curriculum. At LFH we aim to provide a foundation for children, through play and experience which helps us to fulfill the following aims:

    To develop a Competent to Learner

    By the time the child is ready for the Foundation Stage.
    Curriculum he/she will:

    • Enjoy finding out about the environment and other people.
    • Have had the opportunity to play imaginatively with materials using all his/her senses and
    • Use pretend play to express ideas.
    • Have explored and discovered a range of creative mediums (music, movement, art.)
    • Have had opportunity to respond to the world with marks and symbols and discovered that these marks can carry meaning.

    To develop a skillful Communicator

    By the time the child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will:
    • Enjoy being with other and have positive relationship with them and is able to make needs known.
    • Be a confident and competent language user, able to use language to label, describe and share.
    • Enjoy songs, rhymes and stories, being able to listen and respond appropriately.
    • Make playful and serious responses able to influence others.
    • Have developed a level of Understanding, is able to negotiate choices and can be understood by others.

    To develop a strong child

    By the time the child ready for the foundation stage
    Curriculum he/she will:

    Understand that he/she is valued and important, will be able to contribute to relationship and have had opportunity to explore his/her emotions.
    Be confident in what he/she can do, value and appreciate his/her own abilities and feel self-assured and supported, Enjoy being familiar and trusted other, value individuality and the contribution of other and have a role and identity within the setting.

A healthy Child

  • • By the child is ready for the Foundation Stage Curriculum he/she will.
    • Be able to make his/her own choices and decision and discover his/her own likes and dislikes.
    • Have emotional stability, developed healthy independence and know when they need to depend on other for help.
    • Be accruing a range of physical skills and gaining control of the body.
    • Enjoy being active, rested and well-nourished.
    • Be discovering about boundaries, limits and rule, learning when to say ‘no’ and antedating when others will do so.
    • Know when and how to ask for help.

Our style of Education

  • All students at the kindergarten are taught using the National Curriculum of NCERT specially suited for Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Year Foundation Stage can be defined through 6 learning goals:

    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Communication, language and literacy
    • Knowledge and understanding of world
    • Problem solving, reasoning and numeric
    • Physical development.
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