Activities we do in Pre-nursery

In pre-nursery the Curriculum covers the birth to three matters guidance with children under the age of five by providing a variety of play activities. Some of these activities are directed and are linked to a particular further depending on their interest.


Cooking provides great opportunities to work together, take, turns, talk about early math weighing and counting and talking about how thing change. It is lovely for children to share their finished product and snack time or to take home.


We have a Construction toys, Duplo, Lego, play mobile, stick bricks etc. that the children can use to design, construct, manipulate and developed their own ideas with.

Small world Play

We encourage small world play where children can play with a wooden railways or road, small figure, a dolls house, animal and more. Small world play encourage children to act out real world, experiment ideas safely and is great fun as they are in control.

Lunch/snacks time

Together we share our meals, all sit around the label we use this time to talk about table manners, share ideas and interest with one another. Independence is encouraged as children learn to, share ideas and interest with one another. Independence is encouraged as children learn to feed themselves, lay the table and help prepare the food and drinks.


Children learn how to handle books appropriately and begin to choose books which appeal to them. We read a variety of stories to the children and revisit tittles frequently which the children are able to join in which action relating the story. Children begin to understand that a book has a page which turns from left to right and that the pictures tell a story.


We do not watch a great deal of television, videos, etc.-but when we do, we often do it in a fun approach-joining in with the action, or perhaps sharing a programmer related to the current topic or a community event.

Jigsaw puzzles

Peg boards and threading-these are all great activities for concentration, developing fine motor skills and help coordination. Without good hand eye coordination children find it impossible to learn to write.

Game, Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play

Great opportunities to take turns, match object, have fun and work together. For children to play with real object-material, key, saucepans, pegs, cardboard tubes, pots, pongees etc. Children use these object in a huge range of way to enhance their play and develop understanding of their environment. Cuddly Toys and puppets-the range of soft toys, make great friends. They take on role stories, become guests at a tea party and have their personalities as well as stars of their own television shows.


Music is a great way to explore the world. We listen to a range of musical style from classical to pop, with nursery rhyme, music from around the world and songs we can sing too. There is also a range of percussion instruments always available for the children to use.

Dressing up Box

We have a dressing up box to encourage children to act out roles, it include helmet , play hop, bags, fabric, animal mask, tools kits and doctors kits- which is always accessible to the children . writing Area pen, paper and pencil are freely available to the children- they will be encouraged to help write letters, notes and pencils are freely available to the children- they will be encouraged to help write letters, notes, their name, shopping lists etc.

Outdoor play

The Outdoor area incorporates a playhouse, climbing structure, ride on toys, balls, hoops etc. which all readily available. These are supplemented at different times with sand, water paly, balancing opportunities, bubbles, easel and large bricks.

Massey Activities

We do lots of craft- painting, gluing, collage, drawing, play dough and more. Through these materials we can show our own creative sides and discover for ourselves the properties of materials.

Free Play

We have a large selection of toys which the children can choose to play with. They are not all out all of the instead we ratite them around and use them to reflect each child’s individual interest and development level.

Rest Time

When our bodies catch up with all the activities we do……..

Musical Adventures

During the session, we join in group activities, sing song, play a huge range of instruments, listen to stories, see puppets, dress up and have a dance around. This is not an inclusive list, just example of what we do... But it does give you an idea of why we do thing, the kind of activities and adventures your child undertakes and the fun we have!
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